Almost a hundred years after its founding, Filofax is a leading manufacturer of diaries and accessories, maintaining traditional values ​​enriched by innovative design and functional elements. EST collection. 1921 is a celebration of all that Filofax has created and a celebration of constant progress and timelessness. Were it not for one exceptional lady, Grace Scurr, but Filofax, still Norman & Hill at the time, would not have survived World War II. When the London offices were hit by a bomb that destroyed everything, Grace Scurr was the only one whose diary contained all the records, customers and suppliers. Thanks to her, the company was able to return to prominence. It was Grace Scurr who coined the name Filofaxshort for "file of fact". This is also one of the moments of the long history of the company, which enjoys popularity all over the world. 

Filofax Chester

Chester Collection

A characteristic feature of this luxurious collection of diaries and accessories is the nostalgic design enhanced by fine details, wrapped in premium Italian calfskin. Filofax has chosen three classic colors for this collection, which perfectly match the gold details and will attract not only ambitious men, but also independent women. New projects, dreams or job opportunities? Filofax offers a sophisticated way to record important events of your days.

Filofax Classic Stitch Soft

Classic Stitch Soft Collection

An elegant, simple and yet still charming collection that draws attention to thoroughly quilted details and the character of exclusive full grain leather. Available in two soft, pastel colors, as well as universal and always popular black. Whether you prefer a practical pocket or a larger personal diary, the Filofax range is so wide that really everyone can choose.

And since the gift must be wrapped in a beautiful gift box, each piece from the EST collection. 1921 is presented in a luxury box with a ribbon. With their timelessness and functionality, the Chester and Classic Stitch Soft diaries are a suitable gift that will last for years and will constantly remind you of the uniqueness of the moment. You can see this whole collection HERE.

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