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Whether you are considering filling your free time with a new creative hobby or you are a long-time passionate artist, Exclusive pen has prepared a blog for you, presenting quality products from the Faber-Castell. This German family business is one of the units in its field precisely for its wide selection and favorable price. Its beginnings date back to the 18th Century, and in 1849, A.W. Faber became the first German manufacturer of wooden pencils based in New York. Since then, the company has become a concept and a proven classic for years, whose products are used by artists around the world.

Pencils in wooden box

Pencils are an essential tool for every creator. At the beginning, it is advisable to choose a set of colored, but also ordinary pencils of different hardness, with which you will work. For those who would like to try a new technique, there are Goldfaber Aqua pencil sets. With the help of high-quality wooden watercolor pencils, which can be completely smeared with water, you can create an interesting work. The packs contain a different number of pencils, which are hidden in a tin box. You can therefore take your equipment with you everywhere. This technique is suitable for both professionals and budding artists who are just gaining experience.

Goldfaber Aqua

Another very popular technique is watercolor painting. Quality pigments, vibrant and consistent colors are the advantages of Faber-Castell palettes, thanks to which the creative process will be fun and relaxing. The removable palette provides space for mixing colors with easy maintenance and the package also includes a brush with a water tank.


Nowadays, the very often mentioned term Hand-Lettering expresses an artistic representation of letters that are not only written but painted, most often by descriptors, which are also offered by Faber-Castell. This technique is popular for its modern visuals, which can be used in the creation of wall decorations, but also for the activity we know as Bullet Journal. It is a technique of arranging your notes, assignments or brainstorming in a diary or notebook, of course using various creative details. These can be decorative fonts or various decorative elements. In the starting sets we can find, for example, the Pitt Artist Pen Starter Set Bullet Journaling, whose ink excels in its color fastness and does not press on the other side of the paper. For classic Hand-Lettering, we recommend the creative set of Pitt Artist Pen Hand Lettering markers with twelve markers.

Pitt Artist Marker

For those who would like to learn how to create modern calligraphy and would like to dazzle their friends, or the family with a calligraphic invitation, gift card or handwritten letter, here is the Pitt Artist product collection, which contains calligraphic pens. The ink that the markers hide in them is guaranteed to enchant you with its quality, because the PH is neutral, odorless, resistant to sunlight and waterproof after drying.

Pitt Artist Marker

If you are looking for markers with a brush tip for sketching and painting, a practical choice is to buy a Studio Box or markers in a luxurious wooden box, which are also a great gift for artists and professionals. Their main advantage is a large range of colors and practical portable packaging. It is thus suitable for graphic artists, designers, illustrators and architects. Faber-Castell selection perfectly complements the Comic Illustration marker and pencil set and the Pitt Artist Pen Mang starter set, which was developed by professional Manga artists. They are ideal for painting and coloring Manga comics and drawings.

Pitt Artist Pen Manga

Markers should be layered differently to create new colors and shades, styles and techniques. The ink is soluble on a damp substrate, making it possible to create interesting drawings. After drying, it is permanent and indelible, so it can be painted with a different color. By changing the holding angle of the brush tip, it is possible to create different line widths and work with details.

Pitt Artist Marker

Faber-Castell produces 2.3 million wooden pencils a year, the wood of which comes only from sustainable forestry. Thanks to a wide product portfolio, quality and favorable price, the products are popular among professionals, hobby artists and students of art schools. On our website you can view other products that offer creative experiences and unlimited creative personal development.

Faber-Castell Creative Studio

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