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Discover the allure of Moleskine's luxury writing instruments - the epitome of craftsmanship and style. From the flowing lines of a fountain pen to the effortless glide of a rollerball pen, each writing instrument is a testament to precision and quality. Whether for work or leisure, these pens and pencils offer a seamless writing experience that captures the essence of timeless elegance. With ergonomic designs and fine materials, Moleskine's writing instruments are the perfect balance of form and function. Elevate your writing to an art form with these meticulously designed tools that inspire creativity and expression. Explore Moleskine's collection of quality writing instruments and indulge in the joy of writing.

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Mechanical pencil black MOLESKINE - 1
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    Mechanical pencils

    Mechanical pencil black

    Mechanical pencil with a matt body and a 0.7 mm thick pencil. The pencil has a modern square shape and is made of ABS plastic.
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