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Introducing Moleskine+ collection of quality notebooks, where traditional elegance meets modern innovation. These notebooks are designed to cater to tech-savvy individuals who appreciate the timeless art of writing, combined with the convenience of digital technology. With Moleskine+ notebooks, your handwritten notes can be effortlessly transformed into digital files using a compatible smart pen. This seamless integration of analog and digital allows you to access and share your notes anytime, anywhere, across various devices. Embrace the freedom to express yourself on paper, and with the magic of technology, digitize your creativity in an instant. Moleskine+ collection ensures that your ideas are preserved and easily accessible, offering a truly unique and sophisticated note-taking experience for the modern-day connoisseur.

Moleskine+ Smart Paper Tablet Notebook L ruled red MOLESKINE - 1
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    Moleskine+ Smart Paper Tablet Notebook L ruled red

    Replacement paper tablet for the Moleskine Smart Writing system with a firm, back-stitched binding in cardboard plates, surrounded by an elastic tape against unintentional opening. The paper is specially designed for working with a smart pen.
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