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Discover the Lamy Econ collection of luxury writing instruments – a fusion of elegance and performance. Elevate your writing experience with our finely crafted fountain pens, ballpoint pens, and rollerball pens. Each instrument boasts a sleek design, engineered to perfection with premium materials for exceptional durability. The fountain pens offer a smooth, precise nib, while the ballpoint and rollerball pens provide effortless writing on any surface. Whether for business or pleasure, the Lamy Econ collection complements your sophisticated lifestyle. Choose from a range of timeless colors and enjoy the seamless blend of style and function in every stroke. Write with confidence and make a lasting impression with Lamy Econ luxury writing instruments.

Econ Ballpoint steel LAMY - 1
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    Ballpoint pens

    Econ Ballpoint steel

    A writing instrument with a clear, unobtrusive form that fascinates with original design details such as a distinctly curved clip and a novel, characteristic grip.
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