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Experience the timeless elegance of Montegrappa Ducale collection. Each writing instrument embodies Italian craftsmanship and heritage. From fountain pens to rollerballs, the Ducale series showcases intricate detailing and premium materials, reflecting luxury in every stroke. Whether it's the classic charm of the Ducale Veneziano or the refined Ducale Murano, these pens become more than writing tools; they become symbols of sophistication and style. Elevate your writing experience with Montegrappa Ducale collection, where tradition meets innovation.

Ducale Murano Plniace pero Tramonto Veneziano MONTEGRAPPA - 1
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    Fountain pens

    Ducale Murano Plniace pero Tramonto Veneziano

    This tool with a noble name is now available in a special gray-orange resin. This color pattern comes from the colors that are often visible and used at the Venetian Carnival.
    Ducale Marker black MONTEGRAPPA - 1
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      Ducale Marker black

      Sophisticated details together with an elegant design make this description from the Italian workshop of Montegrappa a unique companion that will complement your luxury accessories.
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