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Unveil the embodiment of opulence and functionality with Waldmann's Manager Collection writing instruments. Designed for the discerning individuals who appreciate the finer things in life, these luxury pens redefine the art of writing. The Manager Collection doesn't just offer pens; it offers a tactile experience that awakens your senses. From the moment you touch the carefully textured surface, you'll understand the commitment to perfection that goes into every piece. As the ink flows seamlessly, you'll appreciate the precision engineering that enables effortless writing. And as you hold the pen, you're holding a piece of heritage - a symbol of your dedication to excellence. Let your words flow with the confidence and grace that the Manager Collection bestows, and make your mark on paper as you've made it in life - with poise, sophistication, and unwavering quality.

Manager Fountain Pen WALDMANN - 1
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    Manager Fountain Pen

    Waldmann Manager Fountain Pen with piston filling system in sterling silver 925 with wide deep lines pattern and iridium tipped steel nib. Cap with screw system. Eye-catchy Waldmann logo on the top dome designed with brilliant black handlacquering. All Waldmann pens are hand made from noble materials in Germany.Sterling silver 925
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