Waterman - Exception

Experience luxury in every stroke with Waterman's Exception Collection pens. Fountain, ballpoint, and rollerball options blend innovation and timeless design, creating writing instruments that are more than tools – they're statements. Crafted to perfection, each pen in this collection is a fusion of aesthetics and performance. Whether you're a connoisseur of fine writing or a professional seeking a symbol of distinction, the Exception Collection pens offer an exquisite writing experience. Elevate your penmanship and make your mark with instruments that redefine luxury.

Slim Black Lacquer - Gold Trims fountain pen WATERMAN - 1
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    Fountain pens

    Slim Black Lacquer - Gold Trims fountain pen

    A striking combination of rich black lacquer and fine gold-plated trims distinguish this refined modern classic. An intricately engraved 18K solid gold nib featuring a modern expression of WATERMAN's IDEAL and globe signature. The distinctive clean-cut gold-plated lines of WATERMAN's two-branched clip in total harmony with the avant-garde quadrangular...
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