Elegant clothing also includes fancy accessories. Discover the modern men's brand Dalvey. We are enthusiastic about this brand because it goes uncompromisingly for the luxury and comfort of men.

Dalvey is a Scottish manufacturer of luxury fashion accessories for men with a 120-year tradition. We bring you men's accessories that are popular all over the world because they have excellent quality and exceptional design. The Dalvey brand gives men a chance to enjoy everyday life through beautiful, effective and unique items. These are the pieces that men want to have at home, at work, in society…

Dalvey tries to equip demanding men with objects that are absolutely necessary for them. Take a look at their products in the categories of our e-shop and you will always notice the elegant, luxurious design, but also strong accents and unmistakable aesthetic details.

Luxury cufflinks

Take a look at the wide range of beautiful cufflinks. Cufflinks are made of mirror-polished stainless steel in combination with Swarovski crystals or other semi-precious stones.

You can choose from discreet round, oval, square cufflinks, but also buttons with dominant stones in various colors. Are you betting on modern Swarovski crystals, a dark tiger's eye, do you want black, white or red onyx? Or does the subtle reflection of mother-of-pearl suit your taste? Modern men often rely on simplicity and prefer simple geometry. Currently, the buttons in the trend are square. You can find the whole offer HERE .

Dalvey Swarovski cufflinks

Beautiful modern wallets

An essential part of a man's equipment is a wallet. You will find good looking models in our category Wallets and Money Clips . See models that have RFID shielding, protection against unintentional contactless payments and data theft.

Dalvey monetized with RFID

Genuine leather, which has a beautiful texture, is used to make classic wallets. Modern models have a structure formed by carbon fibers and in our offer you will also find wallets covered with silk fabrics or models that have a contrasting colored fabric interior and are designed for true fashion connoisseurs.

A thick wallet is definitely not suitable for an elegant outfit. Therefore, it is better to store banknotes in a money clip or a small slim wallet with an original Dalvey design will help you. You can see them HERE .

If you are looking for a handy elegant solution for storing business cards and at the same time for efficient handling of them, for example during an important business meeting, we have several types of HERE for you.

Shavers and brush sets

Branded shaving supplies are a current trend in men's hygiene. For a comfortable shave, there are gadgets from the Dalvey brand. There's probably no better way to bring well-being and a bit of luxury into a man's daily home routine, such as comfortable cosmetics and a branded razor razor. Dalvey razors boast a combination of classic design and modern color, and of course have currently available quality Gillette® Mach3 Mach heads. Simple and beautiful Artisan razors from Dalvey are a tip for the perfect gift for men…

Dalvey shaving set black

In the gift sets with a brush and a practical stand for the bathroom, you will find branded shaving supplies made of stainless steel with engraving and hand-cast rubber. The stand is made of steel and resin. A quality brush will withstand the daily care of a man's appearance. Luxury in the bathroom is sure to please, you can find beautiful pieces with an artistic touch in the Dalvey Shaving Supplies category in our e-shop.

Gifts and gift sets

Are you looking for an interesting but also practical gift for men? Maybe you choose a Dalvey gift set from our offer. Gift sets with a wallet include a stylish leather wallet with carbon and a money clip and a luxurious silk handkerchief.

And if you're looking for a smart watch at an affordable price, Dalvey also offers you. Pleasure may be hidden HERE :) Interesting are the tasteful office accessories that will enliven any office. Of course, we will be happy to advise you on choosing anything.

Dalvey pocket watch

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