Citta D'Arte Venezia Sterling Silver

MONTEGRAPPA Citta D'Arte Venezia Sterling Silver fountain pen

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  • Over the centuries, culture and philosophy evolve. Civilizations are established and they develop, leaving behind architectural treasures and splendid works that make our cities so breathtakingly beautiful and unique. With its ancient history and immense cultural heritage, Italy can rightfully be considered one of the countries with the highest number of cities of art that we can appreciate and explore. Montegrappa, an ambassador of Italian style and creativity, pays homage to Italy’s culture and tradition through a Limited Edition collection of writing instruments dedicated to Italian cities of art, those tangible examples of timeless beauty and a precious heritage for humanity. Squares, streets, and legends are what remain of a magnificent past. Each annual edition of the collection celebrates great Italian cities whose splendours from another age are admired each day by visitors from around the world. Skilled Montegrappa artisans use the ancient die-casting technique to produce each piece in this collection. Starting out from a sculpture patiently and meticulously made by hand by an artist over a period of months, the writing instrument – an authentic work of art – is produced with precious metals using the lost wax casting technique and later finished by hand. Montegrappa inaugurates the collection with the “Montegrappa Città d’Arte Venezia” Limited Edition dedicated to the marvellous city on the lagoon not far from Bassano del Grappa, the home of this superb brand. In honour of the year that Montegrappa was established, this limited collection is composed of 1,912 pieces: 1,000 fountain pens and 880 rollerball pens in silver and lacquer, and 32 fountain pens in a more precious 18-karat gold and lacquer version. Venice is an incredibly alluring city with a fascinating history. It was established in 421 by people living on the mainland area of the Veneto region who laid the foundations of what is considered one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Saint Mark’s Basilica is one of Venice’s most fascinating architectural monuments. Consecrated in 1094, it is certainly the most famous example of Byzantine architecture in Italy. It was a symbol of the Venetian Republic’s maritime, mercantile, and artistic importance, and its lavishness was the result of an incredible number of treasures that were spoils of war. Due to its uniqueness and beauty, Saint Mark’s Basilica is the star of this collection. The ancient die-casting technique was used to reproduce the basilica on the barrel of the writing instrument. Several details of its distinctive architecture can be seen, such as the four magnificent horses above the main entrance and the typical rosettes on its façade. The same rosette decorates the 18-karat white gold nib with yellow gold embellishments on the silver fountain pen and the 18-karat yellow gold nib with white gold embellishments on the gold fountain pen. The cap top is decorated with a die-cast lion, inspired by one of the centuries-old symbols of Saint Mark. The refined clip design is enhanced with a distinctive rotating sphere. The lacquer cap and barrel tip are in Venetian red to represent the strength and wealth of one of the most fascinating maritime republic. These fine writing instruments, which evoke the thrill of a voyage in search of beauty and art, come in an elegant Venetian red case shaped like a treasure chest, almost as if to protect the secrets that have been hidden for centuries amongst the narrow streets of Venice.

  • Materials : Sterling silver, Lacquer
  • Ink-feed : Piston
  • Pen-Nibs : Gold 18K
  • Pen-Nib Sizes : Medium, Fine
  • Packaging : Special
  • Craftsmanship Techniques : Die-casting
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Montegrappa manufacture since 1912 stands in the same historic building on the bank of the River Brenta, in one of the most picturesque areas of the historic town of Bassano del Grappa in the prosperous north-eastern part of Italy. This Italian heritage is an important value for a Brand that is the first Italian pen manufacturer: it is his tradition, his legacy. Since 1912 Montegrappa pens embody the Italian flair. Founded as a "Manufacturer of gold nibs and fountain pens", the Bassano factory found itself in a key position during World War I. Among the many soldiers who used Montegrappa pens (then known as Elmo) to write letters home, there were also two celebrated American writers, Ernest Hemingway and John Dos Passos, who were both volunteer ambulance drivers at the front. Montegrappa's pens are reserved for those who can't live without the emotions inspired by the feel of a crafted writing instrument between their fingers, responding to their delicate movements. As they guide the Montegrappa pen across the paper, the eye follows the ink as it seeps in. Whether it be the colors reminiscent of the master painters or the ornaments of Baroque palaces, it is all part of Montegrappa's Italian heritage. In the land known for drama and love, where writers especially have come to get a taste of romance, no object is too small or too practical not to strive for beauty. As well as its limited editions, freely inspired by great moments of history and the most ancient passions of mankind, Montegrappa produces a regular range, for who want to indulge in a daily luxury. Acquired in 2000 by one of the great world leaders in the field of luxury goods, Montegrappa today, in its regular range as well as its limited editions, still preserves its characteristic craftsmanship of the highest level, creating exclusive pens which, letter by letter, express the succession of emotions over time through the thread of writing.

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