Also, after every new year, do you find that you need a new diary? Are you angry that you have nowhere to sign up for next year's activities in December? Do you feel that you would like to move up a level? If you use a diary with another company's logo, it doesn't look very professional. Also, if you sell business insurance and you have a diary meeting from a friend from a construction company. We have prepared another 5 great reasons for you to invest in quality.

1. Image comes first

Tasteful clothes, nice watch, smartphone, branded bag. Maybe this is how your outfit looks similar. It's a shame to destroy him with an ordinary diary. If you buy quality , you can match it to other parts of your clothes and accessories.

Women can buy more of them and vary from the current look.

The diary can be just the stimulus that will highlight you in the eyes of the customer. Subsequent trade will easily pay for the higher investment. He will earn on himself.

Filofax diary

2. Filofax is more than a diary

If you are looking for a Rolls Royce among diaries, Filofax is the right choice. The almost 100-year-old British brand has been focusing on luxury diaries from the very beginning.

Thanks to the variability, you can choose the size you need. A4, A5, personal, pocket and compact diaries are available.

The style also determines the material and the method of fastening. The most used materials include leather, quality fabric, but also artificial materials that are excellent for maintenance. The fastening is dominated by a zipper and a strap . However, customers also like elastic and magnetic fastening or classic without fastening .

Filofax diary

3. Quality exceeds quantity

Each of us likes quality things. They evoke in us a feeling of something good, lasting and pleasant. This is not the case with diaries either.

If you buy such a piece, you can let it grow to your heart. Properly used, it will last you 5 years or more. Just change the cartridge and you can work. It is not for nothing that they say: "The show must go on."

Filofax diary

4. Variety of fillings

The main advantage of a quality diary is that you can put it out according to your own requirements. It will no longer happen to you that you are missing something. On the contrary, they will not load you with any redundant sites.

What can you use?


Need to find a calendar quickly? The sorter will help you. Gentlemen will be interested in marble and metallic. Ladies will get their money's worth with pastel and full color.


You are definitely used to the classic diary. You can enrich your Filofax diary with a list of tasks as well as passwords. It's great when you have everything at hand and you can find it quickly.


He does not need to be introduced. However, you can choose how days are displayed. You can buy yearly, monthly, weekly or with a week divided into two pages.


Does your job or hobby require drawing? You have dotted or squared paper. You will use a line to write. For everything else you can use universal - clean. You can also get them all in color.

Spare block

Especially for the A4 diary, you can use it without it.

You will find the most refills for the A5, personal and pocket diary.

Filofax diary fillings

5. There are no limits to creativity

When choosing, you can engage creativity and create a decent helper for years to come. The best way to use this is to personalize your diary.

For example, as follows:

- you will choose a pen with which you will write comfortably, calmly and multicolored
- create your own bookmarks
- stick a flag on the edges of the pages, according to which you will immediately know what is hidden there
- using the punch you can add your own motivational pages, quotes, goals, birthday list of your loved ones or favorite photos
- You can add anything you like and want to keep with you at all times

Filofax creative diary

Filofax creative diary


A quality diary combines style, practicality and, of course, quality. It is an excellent addition to the outfit. Woody Allen, who owns 20, could tell more.

What value was it for the soldier who was saved in World War II by the Filofax ring mechanism? How much would you be willing to pay for a life-saving diary?

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